“The bitcoin world is this new ecosystem where it doesn’t cost that much to start a new bitcoin company, it doesn’t cost much to start owning bitcoin either, and it is a much more efficient way of moving money around the world.”
– Tim Draper

  • The Web3er MeetUp Guangzhou organized by DeBox is coming on May 27th 2023

    Hosted by DeBox, organized by 0x90, and jointly supported by FAMDAO, Ballen, For Metas, Openloo, and GrandBit, the Web3er MeetUp Guangzhou offline exchange meeting will be held on May 27, 2023.   This MeetUp is a small private meetup, and only senior Web3 players and builders in Guangzhou are invited to join. The purpose is […]

  • The DeBox MeetUp will be held in Guangzhou on May 27th

    The Web3er MeetUp Guangzhou hosted by DeBox and organized by 0x90 will be held on May 27, 2023.  

  • CNET 丨Digital silver Litecoin will usher in halving

    “Halving” refers to the technique of halving the reward for confirming cryptocurrency mining transactions on the blockchain. Control the total amount of digital assets by reducing the number of mining rewards, thereby increasing their scarcity and value. Just as Bitcoin halved every once in a while, Litecoin will also usher in its third halving in […]

  • CNET 丨Wrong BRC-20, afraid to see LTC-20

    Recently, the BRC market has exploded, and many investors have obtained huge profits in it, creating myths of getting rich one after another. However, with the fermentation of hot spots, investors continued to pour in, and this track gradually became unprofitable. Investors who miss the opportunity should not beat their chests. The encryption market will […]

  • CITEX 丨Bitcoin Narratives Come and Go

    Despite the recent attention on BRC-20 tokens, the cryptocurrency market is always unpredictable. Now, more and more competitors are emerging, challenging the status of BRC-20. Among them, the main contender is the ORC-20 token. On May 13, Binance Academy tweeted about ORC-20, which may mean that Binance will support ORC-20 Tokens in the future. This […]

  • CITEX丨Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Raised, Mining Industry Picks Up

    (May 19th) data shows that the difficulty of Bitcoin mining ushered in the adjustment of mining difficulty at block height 790272, and the mining difficulty increased by 3.22% to 49.55 T. At present, the average computing power of the entire network is 364.29EH/s. Bitcoin difficulty is an important parameter to measure the difficulty of mining […]

  • CITEX Viewpoint丨Mining, the best way to invest in a bear market

    The currency circle has always pursued the investment creed of “speculating coins in a bull market and mining in a bear market”. During the bull market period, the price of cryptocurrency fluctuates frequently and in a large range, so there are more arbitrage opportunities, and short-term speculators also have higher profit opportunities; while in the […]

  • ID LABS signed a contract with Country Garden Golden Bay

    ID LABS signed a contract with Country Garden Country Garden Golden Bay to jointly develop green ecological real estate and create a digital community. This cooperation will inject new vitality into the real estate market, create a WEB3.0 digital community, and will also promote the application and development of blockchain technology in the real estate […]

  • Free People Dao announced that it will launch its second ecosystem in the near future

    Recently, Free People Dao officially announced that it will launch its second ecosystem, which is committed to creating a more open, transparent, secure and scalable blockchain ecosystem, and providing a new generation of digital asset trading methods for the blockchain industry. The second ecology of Free People Dao will become a comprehensive support center for […]

  • L2FINANCE Layer2 The Future 2023 Thailand Web3 Global Summit ended successfully

    On May 15th, the “Layer2-The Future 2023 Thailand Web3 Global Summit” hosted by L2FINANCE ended successfully in Thailand. This event invites developers and investors from many countries and regions to participate in an in-depth discussion on Layer2 trends, Arbitrum attributes, infrastructure, basic applications, L1/L2 ecology, games and social networking, as well as cutting-edge exploration, for […]

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