From inside the 1985 werden zeventien beschilderde grotten uit het Paleolithische tijdperk op de Werelderfgoedlijst gezet als aanvulling op de Altamira grot

From inside the 1985 werden zeventien beschilderde grotten uit het Paleolithische tijdperk op de Werelderfgoedlijst gezet als aanvulling op de Altamira grot

Grot van Altamira durante Paleolithische rotskunst van Noord-Spanje

Ze zijn het hoogtepunt van de- Paleolithische grotkunst pass away zich tussen dentro de voor Christus inside Europa ontwikkelde, van de- Oeral youngster het Iberisch schiereiland. De- grotten zijn goed bewaard gebleven doordat ze zich ondergronds bevinden dentro de daardoor afgeschermd zijn van externe klimatologische invloeden. De gedecoreerde grotten gelden als creatieve meesterwerken durante als eerste volleerde kunst van de mensheid. Ze getuigen van een culturele traditie durante het zijn mooie voorbeelden van een belangrijke fase in de- menselijke geschiedenis.

Outstanding Universal Worth

The caverns out-of Altamira, Pena de Candamo, Tito Bustillo, Covaciella, Llonin, Este Pindal, Chufin, Hornos de la Pena, Las Monedas, Los angeles Pasiega, Las Chimeneas, El Castillo, Este Pendo, Los angeles Garma, Covalanas, Santimamine, Ekain and you may Altxerri, that produce right up “This new Cavern regarding Altamira and you may Palaeolithic Cavern Artwork from North Spain” possessions, come into new Autonomous Teams out-of Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country, administrative areas one to circumscribe brand new physiographic part known as the “Cantabrian Corniche”.

New cavern art on Cave of Altamira is receive in the 1879 because of the Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola. The development and relationships of the ways on Palaeolithic Many years, effortlessly illustrated brand new knowledge from Palaeolithic cave ways, establishing the first acknowledgement your individuals of that point was in fact able to make carvings and drawings towards the structure and ceilings regarding caves and rock shelters.

The eighteen decorated caverns into the Cantabrian Corniche show the looks and you may booming of the people ways along the a lot of time Higher Palaeolithic period (thirty five,000 – 11,100 BP). It is entirely linked to the appearance of Homo sapiens and this new development off yet another peoples society of powerful issue change, the newest advancement of the latest techniques, while the growth of visual expression through paint, engraving and you can sculpture. Because of the its matter and you may quality, the newest caverns of Cantabrian Corniche provide a genuine monograph off Higher Palaeolithic cavern artwork, that’s incredibly steeped and you will diversified. The new dress are additionally surprisingly well-conserved. They bears a great testimony to help you history, in the Aurignacian point in time into Magdalenian period. Because Lettiska kvinnor för äktenskap of the greater iconographic repertoire and assortment out of process and you may appearances they gifts, this new north out of The country of spain try a scene reference about emergence of the Artwork, the fresh new earliest into the Europe.

After countless breakthroughs along the five continents, the Cave out-of Altamira, the original cave in which Palaeolithic cavern artwork is understood, still shines for the artistic quality and its particular tech workmanship. It is said to be yet another artistic instance of which period, in particular of your own Magdalenian community. Additional seventeen caves express, match and you will enhance the values from Altamira providing, as a whole, an entire listing of Palaeolithic Ways featuring its individual meaning, helping a much better knowledge of which event. That it ways is an expression regarding humanity’s economic, social and cultural adjustment. The fresh number of artistry was in person related to the looks out-of Homo sapiens (anatomically modern individuals) over 40,one hundred thousand in years past during the Europe, and their cognitive creativity and you may improvements when you look at the social organisation. Hence, material ways enables us to discover crucial regions of their means out of existence and you may, such as for instance, of their a symbol viewpoints.

Criterion (i): New Palaeolithic cave ways of Cantabrian Corniche completely and notably illustrates a few of the basic people artwork, more many years of your own history of Homo sapiens. It bears testimony into the creative genius regarding people inside various other periods of Upper Palaeolithic.

Requirement (iii): The latest dress bears outstanding and you will unique testimony so you’re able to an ancient stage, and therefore gone away over ten,100000 years back, of root off individual society. It was that point when the huntsman-gatherers of your own Higher Palaeolithic reached an experienced graphic, a symbol and you may spiritual phrase of their individual people.






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