Galvatron in the near future strike away facing Cybertron again, now picking out the the very-metal also known as Cybertonuron

Galvatron in the near future strike away facing Cybertron again, now picking out the the very-metal also known as Cybertonuron

Kaen and the Trainbots had been first-in range on the planet to transportation along side Space Bridge into the combat towards Decepticons. They hurried directly into brand new assaulting whenever they turned up. Cybertron Is actually Grave Danger, Region step 1 Kaen therefore the Trainbots faced the newest Predacons inside the safety of the home world. The fight is actually strong however, short term, once the Trainbots disabled its rivals. Cybertron Is in Grave Hazard, Region 2

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New Headmasters soon arrived and you may tagged from the Trainbots, making it possible for Kaen along with his household members to travel to new community and you may escort the folks to help you protection in their shared instruct setting

Kaen together with Trainbots defended the fresh new Sol step 1 satellite during the its discharge course. When Scourge, Cyclonus therefore the Predacons came into discount the brand new satellite, they flew aside with the Headmasters to end her or him. The fresh new Shadow Emperor, Scorponok Next, Kaen’s class inserted the brand new Protectobots to the an urgent situation save goal to Peru, where an active volcano was intimidating a little urban area. These were intercepted because of the Predacons, and so Shoki questioned Spot to be on in the future and you can increase the villagers because Trainbots filled brand new Preds. Kaen spoke loudly regarding the courage and you may virtues of the Trainbots whenever you are caving Tantrum’s lead from inside the. In the near future, Raiden and Predaking had been designed, additionally the competition was really registered. The latest Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts Within 2nd worst system, the fresh new Decepticons unleashed a large carnivorous plant within the the downtown area Bay area, prompting the fresh new Autobots to respond. Kaen additionally the Trainbots arrived on the scene, but was in fact confronted with Bruticus, just who desired to duel with sabers made from white. New Trainbots formed Raiden and you will fulfilled Bruticus blade having blade. Directly!! Fortress Maximus

Shoki offered this new command while the Trainbots put together to make Raiden, wrestling having Predaking and in the end going after off the Decepticons

On good geological trip in order to Mars with Danny and you will Increase, Kaen and also the Trainbots was in fact introduce whenever a series of tremors rocked the landscape. Trying to look at the, the group broke up to get the reason of your phenomena. Kaen and his teammates ran on Predacons, and very quickly it discovered out-of a plot to spend right up Mars. Passing from the research in order to Chromedome together with Headmasters, Kaen together with Trainbots travelled back again to Athenia to grab Spike and you will Danny so you can safety. Explosion into Mars!! Maximus Is actually Hazard They certainly were almost instantaneously entitled back, not – the fresh new Decepticon Headmasters had put plasma times so you can counteract Fortress Maximus, leaving new Autobots on Mars for the desperate need of reinforcements. Kaen additionally the trains reformed Raiden because they arrived, and you can fought against Abominus together with MegaZarak Transtector, scorpion means. Rush on Mars!! MegaZarak Appears

Kaen as well as the Trainbots served because armed forces transport to the Autobots after they attacked the newest Decepticon appointment to your moon. This new hit is foiled by arrival from Galvatron, plus the Autobots fled returning to World up to speed the new teaches. Come back of Immortal Emperor Kaen along with his teammates was 2nd useful a therapy goal. Globally Sandra was a student in eager demand for energon, and Super Magnus coordinated new Autobots out of Earth in collecting certain of the energon supplies aboard the fresh Trainbots. Galvatron in addition to Decepticons wished the ability for themselves, not, and interfered into the relief aid. Kaen and also the Trainbots became popular twice to own Sandra, and additionally they were twice-shot down from the Decepticons just before they you’ll leave surroundings. Struggling to take off, Kaen alternatively wound-up offering since the safeguards to the Technobots due to the fact it discharged straight back towards Decepticons. The new Autobots out of Planet in the end gave up, giving opportunity supplies away from Athenia instead. SOS away from Globe Sandra Kaen and also the Trainbots together with ferryed the brand new Witwickys and you may Headmasters with the common experts talk to Galvatron. In the event that talks ran bad, it aided the fresh new Headmasters defeat the new Horrorcons and come up with they so you’re able to defense. Daniel Face Their Most significant Crisis Ever!!






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