More youthful Latin Us citizens (those individuals years 18-34) try less likely than simply older adults to acquire sex outside relationship ethically objectionable

More youthful Latin Us citizens (those individuals years 18-34) try less likely than simply older adults to acquire sex outside relationship ethically objectionable

In the most common regions, everyone is on the because the attending target to help you sex additional matrimony. In a number of countries, but not, guys are less likely to want to point out that sex anywhere between those who aren’t ple, 38% of men declare that sex additional relationship is ethically incorrect, compared with 49% of women.

Artificial Manner of Contraception

A lot fewer Latin Us americans display moral arguments toward accessibility contraceptives than object so you’re able to abortion and you may exact same-sex wedding. For the majority regions, less than a third off people – along with only ten% out-of Argentinians, 8% regarding Chileans and you will 5% off Uruguayans – claim that having fun with contraceptives is fairly wrong. Arguments so you’re able to phony manner of birth control is large when you look at the Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and you will Panama, where approximately five-in-ten or more grownups view contraception due to the fact ethically completely wrong.

In lots of nations interviewed, significantly high offers out-of Protestants than just Catholics say that having fun with contraceptives was morally completely wrong. In Chile, instance, more or less 25 % regarding Protestants (23%) say having fun with contraceptives are ethically completely wrong, in contrast to just 5% away from Catholics. Plus Peru, in the five-in-10 Protestants (39%) object to help you fake manner of contraceptive, compared to 23% out of Catholics.

Latin Us citizens who do not identify having any religion try smaller planning to target to help you contraceptive fool around with than are either Catholics otherwise Protestants. Not too many consistently unaffiliated members of Argentina (3%), Uruguay (3%) and you can Chile (4%) claim that contraceptive fool around with are immoral. (See questionnaire topline to possess complete results.)

More youthful Latin-american people (many years 18-34) are not as likely than the elderly in order to target to presenting contraceptives. Into the El Salvador, such as for example, roughly half someone many years 35 and you will old (52%) claim that using contraceptives was morally incorrect, compared to thirty six% out-of adults around thirty five. Across the region, ladies are throughout the given that probably as the dudes to declare that playing with fake means of birth control is morally incorrect.

Gender Positions regarding Relatives

The brand new socially old-fashioned attitudes espoused by the Latin Us americans continue so you’re able to antique notions regarding the gender opportunities throughout the household members. In reality, majorities in about 50 % of the new regions interviewed sometimes entirely otherwise mostly agree with the report you to “a wife should obey their husband.” Merely in Argentina (31%), Chile (24%) and you may Uruguay (23%) create fewer than four-in-10 people express this examine.

Protestants are specifically attending declare that wives need obey their husbands; four-in-ten or maybe more in any country interviewed entirely or generally concur with this particular report. That it advice is specially extensive among Protestants inside Guatemala (87%) and the Dominican Republic (87%).

Of numerous Catholics, also, follow the theory you to wives will be using by themselves on their husbands. But in extremely countries, Catholics try not as likely than just Protestants to talk about so it glance at. Inside Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, instance, the new shares out-of Protestants which say that a wife must always follow their partner is at least 20 fee issues greater than the latest similar numbers certainly one of Catholics.

In most places where adequate test designs are for sale to studies, not even half regarding consistently unaffiliated individuals entirely or mostly agree you to a wife is actually compelled to follow their unique partner. Just during the four nations – brand new Dominican Republic (76%), Honduras (65%), Venezuela (62%) and you can El Salvador (58%) – manage majorities of your unaffiliated just take this position. (Find questionnaire topline to own complete performance.)

More youthful adults (many years 18-34) was more unlikely than just its elders to declare that a wife is actually compelled to obey their particular spouse. And complete, so much more Latin american dudes than simply feminine declare that spouses is motivated so you’re able to obey the husbands.

Feminine across the Latin The united states is separated on this concern. Within 1 / 2 of this new countries surveyed, majorities or pluralities of women totally or generally agree that spouses is actually obligated to obey its husbands. These regions is Honduras, Guatemala as well as the Dominican Republic, in which over eight-in-10 female claim that wives is actually obligated to follow the husbands. Someplace else – such as Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Puerto Rico and you can Mexico – female either primarily differ with this have a look at or share split views.


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